Artist’s Statement: Works on Paper  
Working with the simple technology of ink, watercolor and pastel on rice paper enables me to quickly capture first impressions and ‘second sight.’  It also permits me to explore the more haunting, or mysterious aspects of  submerged aquatic life since these materials when handled deftly readily mimic organic form and substance.
For several years I have had the opportunity to learn from two Master Sumi-e painters, the late Motoi Oi thru correspondence with the artist, and directly with a former student of his, May Wong Moy.  Although the styles of these artists differ greatly their basic approach was similar enough to have offered the technical support I desired for my own paintings.  I have also studied pastel and oil painting with the New Realist painter, Bill Beckman. My work has  been greatly influenced by Turner’s sense of movement and color, Pollack’s free nature, Chagall’s playful spirit and Yoshiko Ishikawa’s ecological rendering of natural form.